Fan Culture and Extremes

“Star Trek rerun, reread, rewritten: Fan writing as textual poaching” by Henry Jenkins: 470: Talks about who “Trekkies” are, or Star Trek fans, and talks about how obsessed they are with the series 471: How fans reread literature to relive old experiences, and how fans are “out of control” and how reading becomes a “type […]

Futuristic Dystopia

The year is 2050 and America is more technologically advanced than it has ever been before- but not in the way people had hoped. Since the company Apple rose to prominence in the technology spectrum in the early 2000’s, it has grown so large that it controls everyday life. The people behind Apple can read […]

Scientist Search

For this post, I decided to search on google for “college student”. The results for the first 30: 1-10: eight out of ten were women, with four being white and four being asian, the other of undistinguished race. 11-20: eight out of ten were women again, five being white, two asian, one black, and the […]