Character Assignments

This assignment was to create a bucket list for my two characters. I chose true love and Equality for Jacali, and a real Home and peace of mind for the character I’m using, named Luke. He is a drifter who just wants a real home to be able to go to, and peace of mind […]

Daily Creates Week 9

Theses are my three daily creates for this week: @ds106dc #ds106 #tdc1527 be creative, make a daily create today! — Sara (@Saralynn1606) March 14, 2016 I did this with a quote I found that inspired me to do a daily create! I used a picture of a blank note book I found on creative […]

Radio Listen

I’m listening to Turning Tumbleweeds on DS106 radio. The first segment of this show is difficult to distinguish between the two womens voices that the creator is putting on. However with her two characters conversation, she did make me want to find out who killed Johnny! When the next voice comes on, the volume is […]

Debating Your Device

Monday in class, we debated the article titled “Your Phone Was Made By Slaves: A Primer on the Secret Economy”, which in summary described how the cheap smart phone technology we use in America is manufactured overseas using slave labor. There were two sides to the debate: our side, which defended the use of slave […]

Daily Creates Week 8

Since we only had to do two daily creates this week, I did the two I found I could manage earliest in the week of week 8. @ds106dc #tdc1521 #ds106 Jim looked over his shoulder at the vast, Arizona horizon and admired the setting sun. He made the right choice. — Sara (@Saralynn1606) March 9, […]