Progress Report: In Progress

As our spring semester comes to an end, so does Digital Storytelling, and all the assignments that come with it. Although this is bittersweet, I am glad that I’ve acquired the skills that come along with this course, such as my personal favorites: animated gif assignments, web assignments, writing assignments, and visual assignments. I’ve put […]

Daily Creates Week 13

@ds106dc #dailycreate #tdc1556 #ds106 my own graffiti sign!! — Sara (@Saralynn1606) April 13, 2016 @ds106dc #dailycreate #tdc1557 #ds106 Greece… somewhere I may never visit although would love to. — Sara (@Saralynn1606) April 13, 2016 @ds106dc #tdc1558 #dailycreate #ds106 "I see that you already have several flowers in your left hand, but let me […]

Tutorial: “Mashup Those Movies”

For this assignment, we were supposed to make a tutorial using photos or a video of how to do an assignment we’ve done! I decided to make a tutorial for the “Mashup Those Movies” mashup assignment since there were no other tutorials available! This first photo is a screenshot of the assignment instructions. From […]