Design Blitz

This photo is a representation of Minimalism. This photo represents minimalism because it is the only silver/object on my entire fridge, which is white. I believe this represents minimalism well.

This next photo is a representation of a metaphor. This is a metaphor because, the bread on our cat, Charlie’s head, combined with a cat creates “bread in cat”, which is a metaphor for “inbred cat”. Funny right! I thought it was funny and cute and represented metaphor well so we decided to put some bread on her face. She wasn’t too happy about it, but at least she looks cute 🙂

This next photo represents Color. I thought it represents color well because of how much bright, and deep the colors are. The blues and greens of the bath water are passionate and the bright white of the bath bomb is shining. Both are beautiful representations of color.

This photo represents Unity. I found this arrangement of furniture in my house, and thought it represented unity exceptionally well. The curtains, windows, shades, and chairs are all in unity within one another.


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