Tutorial: “Mashup Those Movies”

For this assignment, we were supposed to make a tutorial using photos or a video of how to do an assignment we’ve done! I decided to make a tutorial for the “Mashup Those Movies” mashup assignment since there were no other tutorials available!

This first photo is a screenshot of the assignment instructions.


From the first photo, I took a screenshot of me searching on google for “Clueless” images that I could use as the background for my new movie poster. So I found one that was a part of the original Clueless poster, and saved it to my desktop to work on.


I then searched for images of “High School Musical”. I thought this would work well as the title for the new movie poster I was creating, so I used that!


Next, I searched for the “Mean Girls” movie poster on Google Images. Here is a screenshot of the movie poser of Mean Girls I found, with the tagline “watch your back” that I used in my finished movie poster.



I then used a photo editing app, such as “be funky” and added text to the mean girls photo I saved. This took me about ten minutes, then I was done! I save the finished product to my computer, and here it is:


I think this movie could be a real hit! Don’t you?

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