Digi 104 1/23

I define digital art as any form of creative expression that is posted online, or created using digital technology such as photoshop or using your laptop. B. What are the defining features, advantages, and limitations that make digital art unique from other forms of visual expression? The defining features of digital art is the fact that it […]

Progress Report: In Progress

As our spring semester comes to an end, so does Digital Storytelling, and all the assignments that come with it. Although this is bittersweet, I am glad that I’ve acquired the skills that come along with this course, such as my personal favorites: animated gif assignments, web assignments, writing assignments, and visual assignments. I’ve put […]

Daily Creates Week 13

@ds106dc #dailycreate #tdc1556 #ds106 my own graffiti sign!! pic.twitter.com/f5mtuqFg4V — Sara (@Saralynn1606) April 13, 2016 @ds106dc #dailycreate #tdc1557 #ds106 Greece… somewhere I may never visit although would love to. pic.twitter.com/qESxPttd05 — Sara (@Saralynn1606) April 13, 2016 @ds106dc #tdc1558 #dailycreate #ds106 "I see that you already have several flowers in your left hand, but let me […]