Design Blitz

This photo is a representation of Minimalism. This photo represents minimalism because it is the only silver/object on my entire fridge, which is white. I believe this represents minimalism well. This next photo is a representation of a metaphor. This is a metaphor because, the bread on our cat, Charlie’s head, combined with a cat […]

Minimalist Movie Poster

One of my favorite movies of all time is Mr. Nobody, starring Jared Leto. The plot of the movie is complicated, but it is essentially the last mortal man on earth, Nemo Nobody, telling his life story. Nemo tells the story of three stages of his life: at age nine when his parents divorce, at age […]

One Story / Four Icons

For this design assignment worth three stars, I created a story using symbols found in Harry Potter. For those who are not fans of the book/movie series, some of these symbols would be unrecognizable. But for those that enjoy the series, these symbols mean a lot to the viewer and convey a story! The first […]

My Character

Out of all the Western characters, I chose the Indian Maiden as the one I wanted to focus on. Her name is Jacali, and she is a Native American from the Western Apache tribe. Her tribe resides in Arizona, and speaks the native Apache language but she can speak and understand a little English. Jacali cooks […]