Create Your Own Room

For this assigment worth 4 stars, we were supposed to create our dream room from pinterest pictures. I chose to do this of Harry from Harry Potter’s dream room, because I took it upon myself to do an entirely Harry Potter themed Web assignments week, and I had a lot of fun with it.

This took me about fifteen minutes to do, because I have my own pinterest account and know how to work it well, and know the Harry Potter books really well so I thought I’d know what Harry would like.

Here are the pictures of the things that Harry would like in his dream room!


Harry’s cage for his pet owl, Hedwig:


Harry’s Comforter (red for his Gryffindor color):


An old-fashioned dresser:

A cozy bookshelf right next to Harry’s bed:


and lastly… a photograph wall where he’d put all his memories:



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