Google Map Trip

For this assignment worth 3 stars, I decided to do a trip that I would love to take across Europe since I’ve always wanted to.

This took me about fifteen minutes, I looked up the places on Google maps and made the trip using Google maps, so it was pretty easy. I really enjoyed this and hope I can take the trip one day!

Here is my trip across Europe, from the Big Ben in London, England to the islands off Greece:

The story of this trip would be that I would start up in London, England at the Big Ben and end up driving with a bunch of friends to go to Greece. We wanted to explore the countries in Europe, and thought a road trip would be a perfect idea for a week long trip. However, when we got to Greece, we decided we would want to go to the island off the coast called Elounda, because that’s where one of our friends said the water and beaches were amazing, and we love beaches. We decided to take a small boat across the coast of Greece to get to the island of Elounda. We nearly died on this boat ride, because there was an unexpected storm and the water was terrifyingly rough. However, we made it safe to the island of Elounda, and enjoyed the beaches and our stay there!

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