Love at First Shot


This photo is of two teenagers who are celebrating their last summer together before they both go off to separate colleges. They’ve high school sweethearts: in fact, dating since the 8th grade where they met each other in advanced mixed choir. Although they’ve had their ups and downs throughout the process of maturing in high school, they’ve always known they were soulmates since the moment they met.

This photo was taken on the boys parents boat, off of the coast of Marco Island in Florida. The two lovebirds enjoyed the sea breeze and the hot summer sun while they tanned and talked. They had to enjoy the little time they had left to be together, always. The two teenagers are enjoying the freedom they feel they might lose when they go to separate colleges. Without knowing, the two kiss and the boys mother takes a photo of them, very candid. It turned out amazing.

This is a true story, it’s me and my boyfriend who have been together five years and counting 🙂

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