Miley Cyrus, Harry Potter and Australian Accents

For Week #2, I was put into the video assignments google doc. I was really excited to create an idea for an assignment that you’d have to use video to do, but I couldn’t think of one. I finally decided on doing a “draw a western movie trailer” with a white board and a dry erase marker. I actually got this idea from Youtube, where people use a dry erase marker and white board to “draw their life”. All you do is record your whiteboard while drawing on it, and then edit the video to be sped up while you have a voiceover of yourself narrating whats happening in the video. I took that and gave it a western theme. I submitted this to the assignment bank.

Daily Creates:

This week, I only did two daily creates because I’ve been in a lot of pain since I had my concussion and have spent most of this past week sleeping and trying to get better. I did really enjoy doing it and wish I had the opportunity to do homework on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday so I could’ve completed three daily creates.

I started off Week 2 by customizing my blog. I changed the name of my blog to “Sara’s Blog” and edited the “about me” space to write a few paragraphs about me and my background. I had already changed my theme and added a background image from my previous freshman seminar class, called “behind the selfie: digital identities.” I really like the theme and background image I had, so I’ve kept it. I then downloaded the Askimet and Jetpack plug-ins.

I really enjoyed all three of the assignments I did this week. The first one is:

“Rock ‘N Roll ‘N Gif”: Rating of 3 1/2 stars. #VisualAssignments #VisualAssignments851

The assignment was to animate your favorite performer and capture their emotions while playing their instrument/singing. I chose Miley Cyrus because she is my favorite performer of all time. This gif of her singing in her music video to “Wrecking Ball” is so emotional and passionate to me, because as she’s singing she’s crying. I feel as if you can almost feel her pain in the lyrics she’s singing, so I decided to make it a gif.

I created this gif by uploading Miley’s Youtube music video of “Wrecking Ball” to a website called The process of making the gif was simple because it allowed me to choose which seconds I wanted to use for it from her video, and how long I wanted my gif to be. I chose 3 seconds, and am very happy with the end product of this gif.


The next assignment I did was called “Recreate a Famous Movie Scene”. Rating: 3 stars. #VisualAssignments #VisualAssignmets1914

The assignment was to recreate a famous movie scene. I chose to do the scene where Harry Potter brings back Cedric Diggorys dead body from the maze, from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I chose this scene because the Harry Potter series is my favorite and this scene makes me cry every time.

This assignment took a bit longer than the other ones I did, but I enjoyed it a lot. I put some stage makeup on my friend Rebekah (right part of my picture) to make it look like the scars on Cedrics face (right part of movie scene picture). Then, I borrowed my friend Reina’s glasses and used a pair of tongs as a wand. I had Reina take the picture from the same angle. I then uploaded the photo to my computer, and used a website called “” to make a collage of both photos as one picture, finally uploading the finished project to Flickr.


The last post I did was called “May I Take Your Order?”, with a rating of one and 1/2 stars. #AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments383

The assignment was to use an accent to order something picky off the McDonalds menu. I chose an Australian accent, and did some research on particular words an Aussie would use by looking at this website, , which gave me some slang to use in my sound recording. I used the words “ta” which means bye, and “ripper” which means really great.

I wrote down on a google doc what I was going to say, and practiced the speech a few times. Getting an Australian accent right is harder than I expected! Finally, after three different recordings I chose the final one and uploaded to my soundcloud. I enjoyed doing this, it was fun and silly!


This week, I commented on one persons blog, , writing that I liked her daily creates and the way she colored her cow. I made two comments on twitter, that I’ll link below.






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