Reflections from Week 1

I can already tell how much I’m going to enjoy digital storytelling. I actually still can’t believe I got this course even when it was originally all full! I’m so excited!

The workload actually was pretty decent to me, even though I’m working through a concussion with the workload. I already had a domain and wordpress account from my Freshman Seminar class, Digital Identities and from my Digital Studies class I’m taking this semester, Intro to Digital Studies. So, already having that domain and already being familiar with working wordpress was a major bonus!

I really liked setting up social media for this course. I think in this age, social media online is growing more and more and incorporating that into our Digital Storytelling course is smart and a real practical way to work with college students. I really look forward to using flickr more because I’m not as familiar with it as I am with the rest of the social media accounts we had to use!

I didn’t really enjoy making a youtube video though, just because I’ve never uploaded a video of me before! I guess it makes me nervous.

I think the use of Western genre and our Digital Storytelling class was clever and well put together. The concept of both being basically “wide open spaces” where we can create anything we dream of, or think of, is interesting and makes me want to be more creative and push myself to create really exceptional work. I want to really put to good use my “wide open spaces” and “opportunity” this course presents me, even if it can be a “struggle” which the Western genre was sometimes depicted as.

I learned a lot about making videos/sound clips, and I learned a lot about the Western genre, and something really interesting about that I found was, that it was most popular in the 1930’s, 50’s and 60’s. What I immediately thought after reading that sentence on Wikipedia was, “what happened to the 1940’s? Did they forget about Western culture for 10 years”? I wonder if it’s true.

To be honest, Week 1 was really enjoyable and makes me excited to see what else we’ll be working on in the future. I’ve embedded a link to my “Week 1 & Westerns” wordpress article as well as embedding some of the media I created.

(caption) Hi! Since I fell of my horse on Thursday, I’ve been at home in DC working on my schoolwork from my family home. As I’ve been working on school, I’ve also been really trying to relax and heal myself, which is very important for my concussion. Here is a photo of a bath bomb i used to relax the other day! Yay sd106! (caption)

Here is the link to my other post:

Westerns & Week 1!





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  1. Lots of reflections from Sara from DC.
    Glad you like it here on the prairie. Looking forward to see more of your western106 art. Good Luck.

    1. Thank you!

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