Westerns & Week 1!


(caption) Hi! Since I fell of my horse on Thursday, I’ve been at home in DC working on my schoolwork from my family home. As I’ve been working on school, I’ve also been really trying to relax and heal myself, which is very important for my concussion. Here is a photo of a bath bomb i used to relax the other day! Yay sd106! (end caption)



Thoughts on the West

The idea of “Western” in film can mean different things, but all have the same underlying theme in my opinion: opportunity. The west, when it was being discovered back in the day, was a place where people could go and establish new identities and create a new life for themselves in a land that was before unknown. There was opportunity for people to create a new name for themselves and to achieve goals they’d always wanted, which they couldn’t reach before. The West is a place where people can create what they want, just as in our course, Digital Storytelling.

What I want to make of this course is a sort of “opportunity” for myself. An opportunity to bring creations and ideas I’ve thought of only in my head onto digital media and bring them to life. I hope this course is a wide, open space for me to make it my own and develop my digital storytelling skills in more depth that I could previously.

I’m so excited for this course, can’t wait.



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  1. Welcome to the course! I also signed up for this course to learn more about digital media and how I could use this media to expand my creativity and ideas. Get well soon!

    1. Thanks!

  2. Just wanna input on few general things, The website style and design is perfect, the subject material is rattling good : D.

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