My Home Page: Hello World

For my Home Page, I’ve added a Menu as the sidebar of my website whenever you type in “”. This menu includes several categories for my posts such as “assignments, audio, design, visual, web, etc”. This menu also has an “About Me” page at the bottom of the list, which includes a short description of myself and my intentions/reasons for joining digital studies.

I like having my latest post as the front of my homepage because it shows my work which I often want people to look at or read. I think that having an “About Me” section in my Menu at the side of my website homepage is a fair opportunity for people to read more about me if they please.

Since I use my blog for both Digital Studies and Digital Storytelling, I’ve decided to include my posts for Digital Studies in the “Digital Studies” category rather than creating a completely different subdomain. I find that easier to work with, rather than creating a whole different blog there is just a separate tab you can click on and look at all my work for Digital Studies.

Both of these spaces are used in WordPress. I find it easy to use and gets the job done. I hope to include information that helps people navigate my blog if they wish to do so, and have a familiarity with who I am from my “About Me” page if they please. I’m using the 2015 theme with a customary background image as my theme.

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