Advertisements: Evil or Necessary?

After reading “Just doesn’t feel good” by Marco Arment, I’m left feeling confused but I understand why Arment pulled out of the ad-blocking business. While I’m confused why he took down his ap after only two days of being in the market when it was doing so incredibly well sale-wise, I also understand he took down the ap for ethical reasons. He took down the ap because not all ads should be treated in black and white, or as in keep these up or take these down kind of way.   Also because there are a lot of repercussions that could happen from removing ads, like peoples jobs and intake they’re bringing in.

The responses to Marco’s retraction of his application were mixed in tone. On a website called loop, there was a thread on Arment’s actions and what people thought of it. One user, Kip Beatty claims that the only reason Arment pulled out of his applications success was because he was getting so much criticism from his friends in the internet community. This user wasn’t the only one to mention that, several others commented saying all of his ‘friends’ are a part of the community that makes money only from reeling in advertisement benefits. Another user, Dean Lewis, commented that Marco really should have “thought this through before he made the application”. I agree with Lewis, and agree with how he says the application should’ve had more room to switch from displaying ads, to displaying some ads, to displaying none.

Overall, I agree with what Marco did and how he realized his mistake and deleted the application he made, even though he was raking in money. In my opinion, most of the internet is free so the hardworking people trying to make a living off of jobs on the internet need a source of income: advertisement. Advertisement, unfortunately, is a necessary evil for us to continue to enjoy the internet and what people have to offer on it without paying for the use. The ethics of ad blocking are too great considering if you blocked all ads, many people would lose their entire source of income.

I just received my new laptop yesterday, and could not download the ethical ad blocker, my browser wouldn’t let me. Sorry!!!!

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