Constructing Identity

If I was 18 in 1705, constructing my identity would be much different than constructing it in 2015. For example, you had no digital technology so you had to create something like a self-portrait or an autobiography to represent yourself. Or you could “keep… a book, but fuse it with a personal diary” (7, Rettberg). Keeping a diary soon became a common practice of the time. This allowed people to document themselves and their daily activities, and show representation of yourself in perhaps the truest form. In my opinion, I would choose this written form of self-representation because for one important reason “in most of Europe, approximately 20–30% of the population were literate in the early seventeenth century” (4, Rettberg). This means that only the elite and intelligent would be able to read my work, and I find that interesting to have the best of that era reading about my life.

If I was 18 in 1805, I would express myself throughout fiction literature. From the late 1700’s to the mid 1800’s, the literary period of Romanticism flourished throughout America. The Romantic era is when the authors began to portray through their literature, “a reflection of themselves and their own modern conflicts and desires” (uhc). If I was 18 in 1805, I would most certainly express my self-image through romantic poetry of the century.

If I was 18 in 1905, I would express my self image throughout a new invention called the cinematographe. “The Lumiere Brothers invent a portable motion-picture camera, film processing unit and projector called the cinematographe” (Bellis). This would be a new and interesting way to express yourself and create your identity through practically the first invention of film. I would incorporate my daily life and emotions on camera so that I could accurately express my identity to the public in 1905.

Finally, If I was 18 in 2005, I would express myself using the popular technology of the internet. I would have already had a Friendster, myspace, and would be keeping up with the popular social media trends. Facebook came out for college students, employees and finally, “beginning in September 2005, Facebook expanded to include high school students, professionals inside corporate networks, and, eventually, everyone” (Boyd). I would express my thoughts and opinions using Facebook and post pictures of myself for all of my ‘friends’ to see.


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