Digi 104 1/23

I define digital art as any form of creative expression that is posted online, or created using digital technology such as photoshop or using your laptop.

B. What are the defining features, advantages, and limitations that make digital art unique from other forms of visual expression?

The defining features of digital art is the fact that it has to come from any sort of digital technology, such as photoshop, video editing or creating a poem online to qualify as digital art. The advantages of digital art are more broad than traditional media, because digital art can be easily shared and viewed, in my opinion. Also, it is easy to edit and delete mistakes that you’ve made in digital media. Lastly, one of the greatest limitations for digital art is that not everyone has access to many forms of digital art, such as photoshop. You must pay for photoshop access, and not everyone is capable of doing so. That’s the greatest limitation of digital art, in my opinon.

The first picture relates to nature. I chose this specific work of digital art because I love the moon and stars in this portrait. I especially love the moon and want it to be a part of my digital artwork in this course.

The second picture also relates to nature and incorporates the moon, but this time it also has the sea in the portrait as well, which is why I chose it. I loved the color scheme here, I thought that the light blues and purples were very relaxing.



The last picture I chose came off of the blog Rhizome from the digi104 website. This picture really spoke to me in a positive way because I believe it relieved some of my stress that has occurred during the presidential election. This is just a really funny meme, and I love memes, and that is why I chose it.



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