Evan Roth


series, Multi-Touch Paintings


Evan Roth is a digital media artist who creates his art “through unintended uses of technologies” (evan-roth). Roth was born in 1978 and received a degree in architecture from the University of Maryland and a Masters in Fine Arts from Parsons The New School for Design. Roth uses media such as prints, sculptures, videos and websites in his artwork. Roth stands out from other artists we’ve looked at because he explores hacking culture and other online cultures in his works.

Looking through Roth’s work, a lot of it interested me because I’ve never come across an artist that reflected these areas of internet culture before. What I mean is, is that Roth’s work reflects individual cultures from the internet that I didn’t know existed. I like that because it brings light to new and exciting material (at least that I haven’t seen before).  One of my favorites series from him is No Original Research which is”a series of art websites, each created from a single animation and audio file found on wikipedia.org… Compositions are created by copying a found animated gif file dozens of times and embedding them into a single HTML page. When the browser tries (and fails) to load all of the files simultaneously they become out of synch, creating an animation cycle that visualizes the latencies specific to the viewer” (evan-roth). After reading the description for No Original Research, I was stunned that someone had the idea to actually create art from an algorithm using wikipedia articles and gifs. The art that came out of it was also stunning in my opinion. I also really enjoy his Internet Cache Self Portrait series, which describes itself as “uncensored streams of images passively collected through daily Internet browsing” (evan-roth). This could include anything from pictures of friends from social media to advertisements viewed online, basically anything and everything the daily user browses on the internet. All of this is then put together in an algorithm created as one big collage. This series speaks to me because although it looks like just a normal collage of random pictures, it can actually tell so much about someones life. Someone’s browser history, in my opinion, is a window to their daily lives and Roth’s series Internet Cache Self Portrait seriously reflects that.

Here are a few of my favorites from his series’:

Series, No Original Research

Series, Internet Cache Self Portrait




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