Futuristic Dystopia

The year is 2050 and America is more technologically advanced than it has ever been before- but not in the way people had hoped. Since the company Apple rose to prominence in the technology spectrum in the early 2000’s, it has grown so large that it controls everyday life. The people behind Apple can read their thoughts, watch their every move, and even control their actions. This didn’t happen overnight, but the people of America let it happen since they were so consumed with materialistic items. People were so obsessed with buying every new iPhone, iPad or Mac that when Apple began to expand their technology base to being physically connected to their consumers, they didn’t object and blindly followed the bandwagon of Apple products.

Apple began to increase their hold on their consumers, first starting off with Apple watches that they wore on their wrists; always physically connected to them. The greedy corporation Apple wanted to gain more control and make more money off their consumers, so they decided to experiment and see if they could make a device that was actually implanted in peoples bodies. With Apple being the top brand of technology in America, it was no surprise that when the company put out the uPhone everyone wanted to buy it. The uPhone was marketed as a new type of communication device that was implanted in “you”, thus leading to the name of “uPhone”. Consumers followed blindly and decided to purchase the uPhone, which was a device that was surgically implanted in your brain and let you view all the content with just your vision that you would normally view on an iPhone. People could walk around and be using their uPhones with just the movement of their eyes and the neurological responses of their brains. This seemed like such a success in technology at the time that no one thought of what the consequences of such an advanced device would have in the future.

So the year is 2050, and Apple doesn’t just run the market anymore; they run ¬†most of the population as well with their uPhones. With the uPhone technology, Apple has the ability to interpret peoples thoughts, watch their every move through the consumers sight and perspective, and basically control their actions with the help of the uPhone being connected to the brain and having access to the central nervous system. People have basically no control over what they do anymore, all thanks to peoples hunger to have the newest and greatest technology out there. Apple can control the market by commanding people to buy their new products and continue to make billions in this futuristic dystopia that is quite possible. With the massive growth in technology in our generation, a world where Apple runs the materialistic market is perhaps not so far in the future.

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