Jason Salavon

Wheel, 2012

Jason Salavon is an artist that focuses on the use of technology in his artwork, and creates his art through software programs that he designs. Salavon was born in 1970 in Indiana but raised in Texas, receiving his bachelors from University of Texas at Austin and receiving his masters in fine arts at the Art Institute of Chicago. Salavon’s artwork is unique and in my opinion always has a two step process: 1, gather the data (ex: photographs) that he then puts into his own software design. 2, design the data to come out as a piece of art, in a form of a larger image, whether it be in a color wheel (shown above in Wheel) or in a fuzzy portrait that’s made up of a million pictures. According to Salavon’s website, “Jason Salavon generates and reconfigures masses of communal material to present new perspectives on the familiar”. Salavon’s work will often include algorithms of popular media that the public is interested in, to create his larger scale works of art.

I admire the dedication and time that Salavon must put into his artwork to be able to come out with a decent piece. I think the hardest part of his art would be having to adjust a software program to create exactly the piece of art that you’ve imagined in your head… because software can be tricky (in my opinion) and doesn’t always deliver exactly what you had hoped for. I imagine he has to tweak the software program at least several times in order to come out with the art he desires. I also like how Salavon uses smaller photos to create something much larger. When looking at his work online, I couldn’t stop thinking about how long it must take if you were to look at each image individually (that are part of the larger artwork, for example shown above in Wheel).

Also when looking through his gallery, I noticed a lot of work by the Simpsons which I admire.

Here are some pieces by him that I particularly liked:

Good Detail, 2012

One Week Skin, 2012




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