Multiple Self Portrait

The reason I chose to do three different pictures of myself, and not more, is for a specific reason.

When I first heard Professor Robinson tell us about this assignment, something immediately came to mind. When he mentioned that we should only “do three pictures of yourself if you have a good idea”, I thought of something that I really wanted to do.

The word “three” immediately made me think of this saying I heard a lot as a child in elementary school. The girls in our class would play games during lunch, like “concentration” and “patty cake” with their hands. These games were really fun and made us laugh at school. The one that I based my picture off goes like this:

Good girls sit like this X (with their legs crossed)
Bad girls sit like this || (with their legs together)
Girls who sit like this /\ (with their legs open)
Get this /|\ like really fast.

I don’t know why I thought of this specific saying, but I did. Hearing it a lot as a young girl made me laugh and giggle, and I used to pretend I knew what the three girls were like. So, I decided to portray three different girls in my picture that represented each part of the saying. I dressed them each up like how I think each individual girls personality would portray themselves. The “good girl” is wearing all white, wearing classic makeup, and has her legs crossed together. The “bad girl” is wearing all dark colors, and is wearing dark makeup with her legs in a straight line together. Lastly, the girl who gets “this” is wearing bright color makeup, with a short romper on and her legs opened. I made the girls look like they were waiting for something…. I just really wanted to show off their personalities through this  photo.

I also tried to use the most of my picture frame and not leave any open space.

I hope you find the humor in this as much as I do. I really enjoyed recreating a childhood memory.

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