Make a monochrome photo (monochrome doesn’t have to mean black and white)

Make a landscape photo!

Your favorite smell.

Make a photo of a thing is not like the other two in the picture (e.g. 2 dogs and a cat)

Challenge: Silhouettes are an interesting way to abstract a subject.

A photograph of something old or aged today.

Take a photo that includes repeating geometric shapes.

Photoblitz Code: 22:59

Starting Time:

Monochrome Photo:

Landscape Photo:

Favorite Smell:

One thing is not like the other two:


Something Aged:

Geometric Shapes:

Ending Time:

I really enjoyed this task, trying to do all of the challenges within twenty minutes was hard and fun! I took these photos in my apartment with my friend. I uploaded the photoblitz to my Flickr account.


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