Presentation: Myself.

I present myself to people offline differently in many ways.

Towards my admissions counselor/guidence counselor, I will try to present myself professionally. I will dress nicely and neat for the occasion, clean myself up and make sure I look cleanly and tidy. I will talk politely, calling them by their full name (Mr., Mrs.) respectably.

Towards my teacher, I will try and present myself in a scholarly manner. I will dress casually, but not anything too revealing. I will treat them with respect, with proper language and respect to their own privacy and personal space.

Towards my grandparents, I will be comfortable around them and open. I will wear whatever I want, as long as it’s not too revealing. I will talk openly about myself and probably be very excitable towards them about the good things going on in my life.

Towards my parents, I will present myself as true as I can be. I treat my parents more as a peer, so I will act however I feel on a certain day to them. I will tell them about all my problems and not hide anything from them. There is no personal space between my parents and I. I will dress comfortably or however I feel, it does not matter to me if they think what I’m wearing is too revealing. I will talk however I want around them, they appreciate my openness.

Towards a cousin, I will be friendly but not too open since I don’t know my cousins well. I’ll try to dress more conservative as to not put myself off in a bad appearance, and talk more appropriate as to not give off a bad impression of myself.

Towards a new roommate, I want to be open towards them. At first, I will present myself as nicely as I possibly can, but I will not hide qualities or things that I feel a roommate needs to know. I will be reserved at first, but open up more over time. I will dress however I want, since we are roommates now and are going to be seeing a lot of each other.

Towards a job interview, I will try and act as professionally as I can. Talk and have very good manners, and dress up professionally and wear appropriate clothes. I will try to be as friendly and accommodating as I can be. I will try to not give a bad impression of myself, and will try and put my good qualities forwards rather than any less attractive ones.

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