Takeshi Murata

Takeshi Murata creates art through animation and video to create a form of digital media art. Murata was born in 1974 and received his bachelors of fine arts in film, animation and video at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island in 1997. Murata made a name for himself ¬†after his piece titled “Monster Movie” became famous for demonstrating his new concept called “datamoshing”, which is “a form of glitch art that requires compressing two videos together until their respective pixels merge into one mashed-up picture” (Artspace). Since then, Murata has ventured out into the world of digital animation creating masterpieces like ¬†“Untitled (Silver)”, “I, Popeye”, and “OM Rider”.

The vibe that I get from Takeshi’s work is psychedelic, thought provoking, and innovative. When I watched “Monster Movie”, I got an unsettling feeling from the repetitive loop of the monsters glitched out face. I felt the same when I watched “Untitled (Silver)” as well, but not as intense. Over the two, I preferred Monster Movie because I thought it was more playful and didn’t give me a creepy vibe that I felt from Untitled (Silver).

However, my favorite two pieces have to be “I, Popeye” and “OM Rider”. Not only is Takeshi’s animation very, very good for being done entirely by himself, but these pieces really capture my attention with their stories. I have a dry, harsh sense of humor and while watching I, Popeye, I really had a couple of good laughs. The story is interesting, and the sort of awkward character physique design, bland color scheme of the setting and flow of the animation makes me want to watch it over and over. I also loved OM rider because the animation was AMAZING for being done by one person. I can’t image how long OM rider must have taken him, but the wolf-man’s features alone captivated me with how detailed and intricate they were.

Here are my favorites:

Monster Movie

I, Popeye (the only clip I could find that would embed into my post here).

OM Rider






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