Warm Up 10/27

Sara Sciulla, Krissy Canales, Tia Sicam, Zoe Cooper, Kaitlin Clements



first five: white males in their 20-30’s

10: first picture is women, the rest are all white middle-aged men

15: computers and white guys

20: out of all four pictures there is one black guy but the rest are white middle-aged men

25: all middle aged white guys

30: young white guys


There really is no second category, the main category is 20-something to fifty-something white males in front of a computer screen. In the first 30 pictures, there was only one woman, who was white and one middle-aged black male.  


This means that the most common result for a “programmer” is a middle-aged white male. The findings reveal that the bias towards programmers is for them to be white men, with the exception of only two differences within the first thirty: one woman and one black male.

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